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Virtual Assistance

If you’ve got too much to do to promote your books, and not enough time to do it all, a virtual assistant may be your solution. At Bemis Promotions, we offer two different opportunities for virtual assistance.

What We Offer

Project Based Assistance

Looking for temporary help to take care of the details of launching your new book or announcing your next promotion? We can help. We have trained administrative professionals to serve as your back office for a limited-term project–nothing too big or too small!

Ongoing Virtual Assistant services

Bemis also has VAs that can work for you on an on-going basis.

Why Choose Us

We know publishing. We are experienced. We’ve worked for NY Times & USA Today bestselling authors doing ALL. THE. THINGS. We invest in training. You won’t have to train us to do the basics. (Only to do things the way YOU want them done)

What it Costs

Our basic services start at $15/hour. Need more assistance? We can expand to meet your specific needs!

How to Get Started

Stop juggling every ball in the world, and Request a Quote!