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Social Media Strategy

Whether you’ve just started out down the publishing path or you’re a multi-published megastar, having a clear, focused understanding of your social media presence is vital to your success. Now you can.

With our Social Media Snapshot, we’ll take a two-week picture of your Social Media mentions and activity – across all platforms, throughout the U.S. and the world – and compare it against a key set of competitor and category metrics.

Preparing to launch a new book or series? About to unleash a major promotion? Get the reporting and analysis you need to make actionable decisions.

What We Offer

Social Media Snapshot

With each Snapshot you’ll receive:

  • A two-week report of your current Social Media status, highlighting relevant keywords, hashtags and trends specific to YOU
  • A key competitor/category comparison grid, positioning you among your top author peers and within your genre/subgenre
  • Straightforward, concise recommendations to improve your reach and engagement within your existing category – and to expand your readership to the new reader groups most likely to love you and your books

Social Media is more than just staggering out onto Twitter every few weeks and posting on a Fan page you’re convinced no one will see. It’s about figuring who you are and how you want to connect with your readers. Then, once you do that, it’s about crafting a plan to help you keep on top of your engagement strategy, leveraging timely analysis so that this wonderful tool actually works FOR you, not against you.

Using some of the best tools available in the industry, the Bemis Promotions team will work one on one with you to identify your unique social media strategy, analyze where your presence is currently, and identify key targets and milestones for your next launch or media campaign.

Your Social Media Strategy can include:

  • Full author questionnaire, analysis and review
  • Pre- and Post- Social Media Snapshots – see how your position improves over time!
  • Detailed Social Media Action Plan, with measures and milestones
  • Blogging schedules to help you execute your plan (re-usable template)

Why Choose Us

With a state-of-the-art industry tool to dive deep into the social media platforms of both you and your key author peers, Bemis Promotions can give you detailed insights and actionable plans…quickly and painlessly.

What it Costs

$149 for a Social Media Strategy, $29 for follow up Social Media Snapshots

How to Get Started

Ready to understand and leverage your social media platform? Request a quote.