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One of the most intriguing – and challenging – aspects of indie-publishing is how much of it you can do on the fly. From your covers and book description to your website and graphics, it’s easy to get into the cycle of “get it done and get it out” without taking a deep, considered look at how your overall brand is being presented to your current and potential reader.

Take a few minutes now to review your brand now, comparing your product, package, positioning and promotions with two or three authors you consider to be your peers. If you’re ready to give your work a brand makeover, we have the program for you!

What We Offer

Our Full Rebrand Package includes all of these services

  • Website
  • Social Media graphics
  • Print & eBook Covers
  • Series Metadata Plan
  • Book Formatting
  • Social Media Snapshot
  • Cover Blurbs
  • Amazon positioning recommendations
  • Express Marketing Plan
  • Press Release + distribution strategy

Why Choose Us

From marketing and promotional expertise to more than fifteen years’ experience designing author websites, Bemis Promotions has the deep knowledge you need to rebrand your entire author platform.

What it Costs

While some ala carte pricing is available, our Full Rebrand Package starts at $3000 (includes website and up to 5 covers)

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy—just Request a Quote!

Want to see an example?

Thriller author CW Lemoine had a solid brand presence with the first four books in his Spectre series, but wanted to reach more readers and present his brand more cohesively. With a new website, coordinated covers, updated metadata and book description languages and in-depth review and recommendations for his marketing and social media strategy, his brand now has the look and feel of his top author peers.


brand makeover-before

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brand makeover-after

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