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Jan 3: Book, Website, and Newsletter Launches

Posted Jan 5 2017, 7:12 pm


The Protector by Donna Grant

When Marine Force Recon Captain Cullen Loughman learns that his father’s been kidnapped, he will do whatever it takes to find him. In order to achieve his mission, Cullen will need to team up with the best of the best – someone who just happens to be the most stunning woman he’s ever laid eyes on… This isn’t the first rodeo for ex-Air Force pilot Mia Carter. Still, Cullen’s bad-boy good looks and charm are distracting her from duty… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



The Other Twin by Nan Dixon

Nathan Forester doesn’t know the first thing about kids. So when the daughter he never knew existed arrives on his doorstep, he needs help, fast! His unlikely ally is next-door neighbor and single mother Cheryl Henshaw. Nathan and Cheryl don’t exactly see eye to eye, but neither can say no to a helping hand. Renovating Fitzgerald House is Nathan’s chance to finally prove he’s no longer the unreliable twin—and it seems possible with Cheryl by his side… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



San Antonio Secret by Robin Perini

When Sierra Bradford’s best friend and goddaughter are abducted, she vows to find them at any cost. Sierra—shot at the scene of their kidnapping—checks in to a motel to treat her wounds. It’s there that she encounters former Green Beret Rafe Vargas, who’s come to her aid…and not for the first time. As his best friend’s sister, Sierra is off-limits. But that hardly stops a powerful attraction from growing as they work together on an undercover sting operation to find her friend’s adbuctors… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!


A Fortune in Waiting by Michelle Major

Even in a town as eclectic as Austin, Keaton Fortune Whitfield stands out. With his dreamy British accent and his slate-blue eyes, he has captured the fancy of every red-blooded Texas female in town…except one. Francesca Harriman, his favorite waitress at Lola May’s, seems completely immune to his charms. When she’s not on her shift, she’s too busy studying to pay attention to him—which only makes him want her more. Francesca has been burned before, and she won’t let the Londoner melt her heart… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!




Glide-Line is brand new to Bemis! They are a company focused besting in the assembly automation industry. With their ability to make components in house, Glide-Line supports highly configured or customized solutions quickly and just in time for assembly. Glide-Line is more than the next step in custom conveyor configuration; it represents the next generation in the conveyor design and fabrication process. Bemis welcome’s the new professional site to it’s list! Check out the site here!


Candis Terry

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Terri Osburn

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