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Jan 24: Book, Website, and Newsletter Launches

Posted Jan 24 2017, 5:37 pm


A Venture of the Heart by Amelia Judd

“Hello, Pax. It’s good to see you again.”… And with those frigid words, karma kicked his ass and blew his dreams into a million tiny fragments. Paxton Bennett walked away from a privileged upbringing to devote his life to La Vida de Ensueño, the socially responsible luxury resort he manages in Costa Rica. No way will Pax let a hotel chain swallow up La Vida and turn it into another lifeless clone. All he needs is a loan so he can match a buy-out offer… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!


Eleventh Grave In Moonlight by Darynda Jones

A typical day in the life of Charley Davidson involves cheating husbands, errant wives, missing people, philandering business owners, and, oh yeah…demons, hell hounds, evil gods, and dead people. Lots and lots of dead people. As a part time Private Investigator and full-time Grim Reaper, Charley has to balance the good, the bad, the undead, and those who want her dead. Now, Charley is learning to make peace with the fact that she is a goddess… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



Everkin by Donna Grant

When natural-born witch Edra is approached by others who share her gifts, she jumps at the chance to join a Coven. Until she discovers that they’re not what they seem. They’re hell-bent on destruction, and in order to save herself and those she loves, Edra must leave her home, and the only man she’s ever loved. Squire-turned-knight Radnar has never been the same since the love of his life disappeared in the middle of the night seven years ago… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



Crave by Alana Albertson

Se7en Deadly SEALs can’t be trusted. 6ix months I cried myself to sleep after my son died. 5ive years since my parents died and took their secrets to their graves. 4our hours since Grant vanished in a hurry. Thre3 years since my baby was conceived. 2wo nights of passion since Grant exposed my lies. 1ne minute ago I learned some news that changes my entire life. Zer0 chance that he’s wrong… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



Donna MacMeans

Donna has some suggestions and a giveaway! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Erin McCarthy

Erin has a sale and upcoming release news! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Jennifer Chance

Jennifer has a new anthology release! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Alana Albertson

Alana is celebrating her new release and has free books for you! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! 

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