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Facebook Ad Development

Facebook advertising used to be a simple idea. You created an author fan page, drew fans, and then kept them in the loop about all of your upcoming events, promotions, book launches and sales. Then Facebook changed the rules. And changed them again.

Now Facebook is an entirely different animal. It’s still a place where you can reach an unprecedented number of readers. You just have to reach them in a new and different way: through paid advertising.

Bemis Promotions offers Facebook Ad Development assistance to authors looking to tap into this exciting advertising venue. Our in-house expert will review your ad copy and concept, offer suggestions based on experience and high-end training, and help you make sure your Facebook ad budget generates the results you want.

What We Offer

Depending on your needs, Bemis Promotions offers the following levels of ad development:

  • Copy/Design only
  • Copy/Design + Facebook targeting strategy
  • Full management of your campaign – Copy/Design, strategy, and daily campaign management

Why Choose Us

Managing Facebook advertising campaigns takes time, focus and expertise, and Bemis Promotions’ team has experience with what works (and what doesn’t). Don’t spend fruitless days wondering if your Lookalike campaign is worth continuing—or if you should be trying an ad specifically for iOS users. Save time and headache by working with a team who’s dedicated to your success!

What it Costs

Your campaign costs vary depending on the level of assistance you need!

  • Copy/Design only starts at $99/ad.
  • Copy/Design + Facebook targeting strategy starts at $149
  • Full management of your campaign – Copy/Design, strategy, and daily campaign management starts at $299

How to Get Started

Ready to make the most of your next FB ad campaign? Request a Quote.