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Dec 20: Book, Website, and Newsletter Releases

Posted Dec 20 2016, 6:05 pm


One Tough Texan by Barb Han

Alice Green lives with ghosts. A rogue cop whose mistake led to the loss of a young girl’s parents, Alice is haunted by the decisions that halted her sterling career. And now the same girl who lost her parents has been abducted. And Alice will stop at nothing to find her.  Joshua O’Brien doesn’t want to tell his brothers—fellow inheritors of his deceased parents’ ranch—that he has bigger plans… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



A Family to Call Ours by Merrillee Whren

Young widow Tara Madsen has spent the last two years dealing with her eight-year-old daughter’s battle with cancer. Now a new job means the opportunity to give Hailey the best Christmas ever, but the arrival of Caleb Fitzpatrick, her employers’ son, and overreaching authorities put that goal in jeopardy. Caleb returns to his small Massachusetts hometown with one mission-to make sure another charlatan doesn’t take advantage of his parents and their generosity… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



Break by Erin McCarthy

Working at Miami Security as a bodyguard is the perfect job for Wester Lewiston, a man with a past he’d like to keep secret. And a serious aversion to emotional attachments. He believes in an eye for an eye, so when an eccentric client is responsible for getting him shot, Wester figures there is no reason to keep saying no to the man’s sexy wife who has been hitting on him. Olivia Richland is the twin no one notices, while her sister lives the life of a glamorous socialite, and she prefers it that way… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!



Donna MacMeans

Donna has a special Holiday read and giveaway for her subscribers! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Cathy Liggett

Cathy has a special Holiday giveaway, sale, and upcoming release! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE!

Merrillee Whren

Merrillee is celebrating her newest release with a sale and a giveaway! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE! 

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