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Cross Promotions

Promoting your book doesn’t have to be challenging, when you have an extraordinary group of like-minded authors who can help you spread the word!

What We Offer

Cross promotions that can be done in a variety of ways: Via your website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, or In-Person promotions, utilizing contests, or just word-of-mouth. They’re a good way to launch your next book, or get more newsletter/Social Media Subscribers.

Want to loop in that super-famous author whose work your book occasionally gets compared to? We’ll be happy to contact them. (We can’t, of course, promise that they’ll accept!) Or, choose from our amazing selection of author clients. Most are happy to join in on cross promotions!

Why Choose Us

One of the benefits of working with Bemis Promotions is your access to our robust pool of authors. Bemis Promotions launches periodic cross promotion opportunities throughout the year, which are available to all Bemis clients. These promotions include social media events, contests, conference events, and more!

What it Costs

It entirely depends on what you want.  Promotions requiring a minimum amount of programming and graphics start at $250 + $50/author.

How to Get Started

Let’s get started on your next promotion! Fill out our Request a quote form.