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Book Position and Metadata

Book positioning and metadata have become buzzwords in the Indie Publishing world. But they both boil down to the same thing: the words you use to define and describe your book.

The basics of your metadata include: Title, Author Name, Book structural data (word count, page count), Publisher, ISBN/ASIN, Price

Your book description goes well beyond the basics, however. The following elements, if well-crafted and well-targeted, can help get your book in front of the kind of readers most likely to buy your work:

  • Your book or series tag line
  • Back-cover copy or “book description” copy
  • Author blurbs
  • Book-page keywords, categories and key review content (can vary by retailer)

What We Offer

Bemis Promotions is here to provide authors with a smart action plan to help make your metadata work for you. Whether you choose one book or an entire series, our detailed strategy recommendations will help you categorize your titles effectively – and manage them as you climb the Amazon page ranks.

All metadata packages include a comprehensive questionnaire + a 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions.

Why Choose Us

The Bemis Promotions team offers in-depth focus to authors to ensure your book is presented with the most compelling keywords and positioning elements possible. Whether you’re launching an individual book or an entire series, that positioning can help you climb the bestsellers lists more quickly.

What it Costs

$150 for the first book, $50 for every book in the series after that.

How to Get Started

Complete our Request a Quote form and you’ll be on your way to mastering your metadata!