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Book Formatting

What We Offer

Whether your publishing efforts are limited to Kindle Unlimited or you’re publishing on every platform available, you want to make sure your print and e-book are readable and professionally formatted at every retailer–from the cover to the copyright page to the back matter.

In addition, in the world of book publishing, size matters. The larger the file, the higher the cost of delivery on some platforms. At Bemis Promotions, we have the experience and programming knowledge to ensure your ebook file size is as small as possible for your book’s style and content.

Why Choose BEMIS?

At Bemis Promotions, we don’t simply want to make your book pretty, we want to make it profitable. With decades of HTML experience, we’ll keep your delivery costs as low as possible. In addition, we offer a custom-built template to help you format your book from the beginning, drastically cutting your processing time. Finally, with the Bemis team in your back office, you’ll know that any last-minute changes or formatting adjustments will be covered—leaving you with a file that’s easy to upload and ready for your readers on time and on budget.

What it Costs

For most Word documents (all files reviewed prior to final quote delivery), pricing for formatting is as follows:

  • Novella-length manuscript (<40k words): $100
  • Novel-length manuscript (>40k words):$150 for a novel
  • Print formatting for e-formatted book: $50

Fees include two rounds of formatting plus any additional changes required by retailers.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Fill out our request a quote form to begin.