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Author Strategy

Whether you’re publishing independently, with a traditional publisher, or both, you are the CEO of your publishing career. And just like any CEO, it’s wise to have a well-considered strategy to help you make sound decisions.

What We Offer

  • Define goals based around the type of success that’s most important to you
  • Create a step-by-step plan to work towards your goals, with tools to benchmark and correct as you progress
  • Develop a production and promotion plan that plays to your strengths and interests
  • Organize (and in some cases outsource) your process to focus more of your time on writing

We also offer consulting and coaching on an hourly basis or in packages specific to the areas in which you need the most help.

We can act as a sounding board to make your decisions or to help you create a plan for almost any aspect of your career, including: evaluating contracts and subsidiary rights offers, creating promotional campaigns, hiring and managing contractors, streamlining your production process, planning reader events, developing a marketable story or series concept, rebranding, and more.

Why Choose Us

We’ve been helping to guide author’s careers for a decade and a half and we have a full staff dedicated to helping you fully reach your potential.

What it Costs

Each consulting contract is negotiated based specifically on your needs.

How to Get Started

Contact Us with your specific needs, and we’ll get you started!